plant description

The plant is built according to the technical requirements of the European Community Directives as acknowledged by Region Lazio July, 13 2009 n.° 1163/TRAS 3.

  • The main areas of the plant are:
  • Discharge area, means of transport washing and grinding;
  • Zone for animal by-products firing, settling and pressing machines;
  • Mill Area for flour processing;
  • Silos area for outdoor fats and flour storage;
  • Outdoor weighing area;
  • Analysis laboratory;
  • Office block

The total area is about 20.000 m2 of which about 2000 are occupied by the office block.


Via Morolense 12 - Loc. Tosca 03010, Patrica (FR) / Italy
Partita Iva 02501040600
tel 0775 292827 - fax 0775 837241