processing stream

The raw materials coming from butchery are collected into proper pit holders. After crushing the stuff is transferred through sealed pipes into the cookers where the protein material is sterilized accordingly to Regulation (EC) no. 1774/2002 ch. 3: "Transformation methods - method 4”.

The solids (greaves) and the rendered fat are extracted at the outlet of the pipeline with a tilt draining conveying screw and is transferred to the press.

The fat is cast with a pump and is transferred into a storage tank; then it is centrifuged and stored in proper tanks. The greaves are transformed into flour with a hammer mill and stocked in silos.

The processing and pressing smokes coming from the progressive evaporation of the water from the fresh material are sucked and destroyed in the thermo-deodorizer at a temperature of about 1000°C.

The end products are: animal fats (for zootechnical and industrial use) and animal flours used as fertilizer/nutrient or Pet Food.



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