Ipl -Industrie Proteine Laziali group Srl, was founded in Patrica, near Frosinone. It is integrated in an industrial area surrounded by a green region and was started by a group of young entrepreneurs with long working experience.

Ipl is one of the first Italian companies dealing with the collection and manufacturing of animal by-products cat. 3, under Legislative Decree pursuant to Regulation (EC) No. 1774/2002 of the European Community.

We daily manage the production process and quality control of the products with love and passion for our job.

By the factory, the animal by-products are converted into fats and flours thanks to next generation plants which fully comply with the environmental protection laws.

The quality of our products is always confirmed by the confidence our customers give us.

“Ipl restores nature from nature”


Via Morolense 12 - Loc. Tosca 03010, Patrica (FR) / Italy
Partita Iva 02501040600
tel 0775 292827 - fax 0775 837241